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Hi, there!

I am Indra and I currently live in Barcelona, Spain. I come from a beautiful place in Northern Europe, called Vilnius, Lithuania. 

My free spirit and hunger for adventure moved me quite a bit, and for the last 18 years let me experience life in the USA, UK, Brazil, and Spain.

I was born into a family of 2nd generation artists. All of my childhood I’ve spent studying in art schools in Vilnius and later in the USA. In my last year of high school, I was introduced to jewellery. That is where my love and passion for jewelry and design and making started.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Jewellery & Design from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (UK). In 2009, I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I had an opportunity to work for well-established jewellery brands: Joid’art and Majoral. For the last 10 years, I was mainly working for myself, making jewellery in small quantities and participating in various gallery shows and markets around the UK and Lithuania.

In my latest work, I specialize in minimalism and simplicity while using only the best materials, such as gold and precious stones. In my work, I use a mix of technologies, modern and very traditional ones to achieve the best results.

Quality and attention to detail are very important to me. I would love for my jewellery to last and be passed down to future generations.


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